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“Above all else, I want this campaign to be about people. I want to engage people in the political process who haven’t been engaged before, and I want to bring this campaign into every community, neighborhood, and home that I possibly can.”

For People. For Progress.

My ultimate vision for Pueblo County is to help people better their lives, to achieve upward mobility, and ensure that their kids lives are better than their own. My goal is to expand opportunity and widen the circle of prosperity in our county to ensure that we continue moving forward, together, as a community.That means working to address and increase efforts around adverse childhood experiences, which are linked to chronic health problems, mental health, substance misuse, and reduced educational and occupational achievement. It means creating more jobs and economic opportunity that gives families the opportunity to better their lives. And it means addressing disparities in our communities across Pueblo County to ensure that the progress we make is more equitable and inclusive. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Putting My Experience
to Work

Born and raised in Pueblo, Taylor has spent his entire professional life giving back to his community. Taylor simply has a burning desire to serve the people in Pueblo County. He wants to help people, he wants to make a positive difference, and he wants to help ensure that we keep striving to push ahead and move forward. 




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